Demystify Your Dreams

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At age 5, I decided to become a professional baseball player. A year later I decided I would be an actor. Then a writer. Then a true business man….whatever that is. 

And then  I let clouds, and rain, and hail, and mountains, and hills, and trees, and limbs, and twigs, and leaves, and every other thing imaginable get in the way.

My dreams went from this:


To this:


As kids we have the right formula for life.

As we get older, we let everything start to get in the way.

We start believing that we didn’t go to the right school or be born into the right family or live in the right area, or have the right mentors, or know the secrets that others know.

We go from believing that we can be anything to really NOT believing that at all. 

I gave up on movies because you had to be in LA. Because being a director required things that no one ever even talked to me about. Because becoming an actor was just the luck of the draw. Because being a screenplay writer required skills that I didn’t have.

BULLSHIT – They are all excuses. I became mystified by the concept of being in the film industry.

Here is what sucks. They are all made up monsters. Not being good enough is not what you should be worried about.

You thinking that you are not good enough,


My goal in life now? Declutter the cobwebs of mystification. For myself, and for my daughter. Demystify…..everything.

I told her yesterday that she could be a snowboarder just like the girls in the Olympics. That was the easy part. Tell her she can be anything she wants. Every parent does it.

The hard part will be coaching her to believe in herself and her capabilities. Her capacity for learning, growing, and expanding into what and how she wants to be. I can’t do that effectively until I’ve mastered it myself.

So here it is….me talking to me.

Stop putting others on pedestals. Respect is one thing. Worship is another. There is only 1 thing that deserves Worship, and it’s not a human.

Stop saying you’re passionate. Passion gets in the way of life. Find something that you can’t live without doing and go do that.

Stop focusing on the red tape. We live in a world where everything is 10,000 times easier than it was +20 years ago. If a person can figure out how to get out of a 3rd World Country, cross a large ocean, and start a successful company, then I can figure out how to knock down a few closed doors.

Don’t pause at Difficulty. If you want it bad enough, it’s doable and solve able. And the hard things reap the greatest benefits.

Stop wasting time on opinions. Use the time for learning, building, and executing.

Stop worrying about others perception of you and your choices. Do the things that you’ll be thankful you did on your deathbed.

Start loving yourself endlessly. You need your own kindness. It’s all you need.

Have the courage you want your daughter to have. Be the person you want your daughter to be. Think a lot. Love a lot. Be kind a lot. Help a lot. Work hard at what you love. And knock down every tree blocking your view.


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