Love Yourself More

It’s you again,
Such a piercing stare

Hatred, disgust,
That look of despair

I know it is I, that you find fault within
I know it is I, that has betrayed you again

I’ve shattered your dreams,
I’ve crushed your desires

I’ve soaked them with gas
and I’ve lit them on fire

You won’t forgive me now,
but one day I aspire

It’s your forgiveness and love,
that I long to acquire

A distant day,
when you see me again

A new me,
reborn from my sin

I long to love,
you who views me so

For it is your soul
that I really long to know

I long to change,
this stare in which I fear

I really am just longing,
to see a smile in this mirror………..

– a lost and hopeful soul

Love Yourself More!

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