At 5am I literally wrote the words “Dude, can we forego today” into my text message. I needed just a few more hours of shut eye before tackling a heavy day.

…and then something amazing happened. I erased it.

In the two hours that followed I fueled my mind with Zero to One audible edition. I read The Master Key System while waiting 15 minutes in the parking lot.

We then played 4 intense games of racquetball that left me dripping in sweat. Which was followed up with a 5×5 plyo type work out.

And more than that. I saw others working their tail off. Pushing themselves to the brink of being incredible. Being awesome. Searching for Absolute Optimization. And I loved every second of it.

Thankfulness. That’s the only thing I could think about on my ride home. Thankful for a friend that meets me almost every morning. Thankful for a career that is challenging and immensely rewarding. Thankful for a family that I love and can come home to.

I no longer am tired and dreading the heavy day. I’m excited for it.

And to think that I would have missed it all if I had pressed send.

I have never been able to make my bed in the morning, but the underlying principle holds true. Do work. Seek Accomplishment. Find Gratitude and Fulfillment.

Thank you God!

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