Tim Tebow……Amazing

“Tbring faithhope and love to those needing a brighter day in the darkest hour of need.”

A mission does not get any more amazing than than. I have a deep and profound sense of respect and what he does to bring joy to others.

It’s hard to remember that the simple, de-cluttered, non complex path to fulfillment is found when we stop saying FOR ME and we start saying FOR YOU. If you want to de-stress your life in an instant, find a way to make someone else smile.

Giving back does not require a massive community service effort. It requires you to leave your front door with the goal of making someone’s day brighter. This could be with a smile. A talk. A better attitude. A better approach.

Being Tim Tebow the football star is hard.

Being Tim Tebow the guy who is massively transforming the world through action is easy.

It starts one step at a time.

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