Morning Fire – Refuel and Own The Day

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

This anonymous quote cut me deep this morning.


Because I am flat out exhausted. After running 100 mph over this last week I am dreaming of hammocks and sunshine.

<If you don’t care about my life, skip this next paragraph and go straight to the juices…>

In the last several days I have shared some amazing experiences. I watched my beautiful daughter go on a date with her grandmother. I enjoyed church and breakfast with my nephew and his friend. I played countless hours of racquetball and tapped into those raw inner competitive emotions that beg to be unleashed. I watched my daughter laugh as we read “there’s a monster at the end of this book.” I shared coffee with an old and great friend as we caught up on life. I had a call with a friend and mentor that gave me new insights. I had a best friend call and propose some amazing plans for my upcoming birthday. I shared drinks with fellow tribesman and my wonderful sister as we watched the Penguins soar into the playoffs. I took lessons from a pro racquetball player that left me aspiring to become great. I ate healthy. I drank my Sole each and every morning. And I watched sweat drip from my face daily. And then I worked my booty off at the 8-5.


So how in the hell am I suppose to keep getting better than I was the day before? How can I possibly keep this pace?

Here’s how. The simple acknowledgement that Absolute Optimization requires focus in every area life.

And while I am burned out from an energy perspective, I still have so much to give emotionally.

Thus, the 3 step challenge I gave myself to Own Today.

  1. Be kinder to yourself. Self sabatoge is one of the greatest inhibitors to achievement. Setting high standards is one thing. Mentally abusing yourself is another.
  2. Light up someone’s day. Giving to others has the power to instantaneously transform your life. Ever see a kid more excited to give someone a present than they are to open their own? We are all givers. Find someone that needs a gift today.
  3. Take a Break. I run non stop thinking about 1 idea after the next. So much that when I take a step back, it looks like nothing but confusing chaos. The brain needs a reboot to get back to an optimized state. Turn out the lights and spend time in warm shower thinking about……..nothing.

And that’s it. At the end of today, I will know that I am better for 1) taking small steps to treat myself better 2) making someone else smile that needed a smile 3) getting the rest I need to get back on that horse.

Kick Butt Fam.

Morning Fire is designed to give you some early morning motivation. Sometimes a simple quote. Sometimes a life experience. And sometimes a little of both. They are designed to be very small doses of inspiration to help you start the day.

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-chad Shipley

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