“Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.” -Unknown.

Are you sick of getting nowhere?

Of feeling unfulfilled?

Of living within undesired constraints?

Of wondering what’s next or when something better will happen?

We live in a “How to Society” – also known as a WORLD OF PUPPETS.

We are mice in a maze with people high above slamming the trap doors.

We develop a plan of action for our lives simply based on what we are taught, what we are told, and what we see and are exposed to.

This is how you eat. This is how you raise a family. You must be married. You must have a house. You must work a job that provides stability. You must do your job this way and not deviate. This is how you…………..GO FREAKING INSANE!

It’s been said, and attributed to Einstein for saying it, that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

If you are unhappy…….in anything. With anything. Then you deserve to start asking WHY?

If you only have fun when you’re drinking -> ask why? Maybe you’re doing the wrong shit or spending time with the wrong people.

When someone gives you a training program that is designed to work -> ask them why this one is designed to work? What is each exercise doing? Why are they sequenced the way that they are and what areas are they focusing on?

When you’re told to do something at work that clearly makes no sense in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, or logic -> ask why.

If your ego is telling you that you need to have the nicest car, the bigger house, the prestigious school district -> ask why.

If you believe that you must work the 8-5 for the next 40 years, that you can only vacation once a year instead of once a month. That you will never have your own boat, jet, or mother fu*king island -> ask why?

And if by chance, you EVER get the answer –

“because I’m not good enough” or

“because I can’t” or

“because that’s not in the cards for me” or

“because this is how it has always been done”

You can almost guarantee that it’s the wrong way of doing it and the wrong way of thinking about it.

At the risk of creating a complete revolution, you have to start questioning whether the old way of doing things is still right in today’s society. You have to start asking if it’s right for your life and for what you want out of it.

And you can do it without being a smart ass. People are resistant to change and to new ways of thinking so be sensitive to that. At the same time, recognize the haters and realize that they are so close minded that it’s not worth your time -> Put them in a mental closet and shut the door.

You don’t have to go on a fu*k you crusade.

But you do have to start thinking differently.

Our lives demand us to search for true fulfillment which may not be found in an outdated template.

Start today by asking WHY do I do this? WHY do I want that? WHY do I think that I need it? – Remove assumptions. Start with WHY.

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Said differently, it really means a lot to me, and lights me up in ways beyond imagination. I use that to keep giving you what you want, need, and/or enjoy.

with love and hope for you

– chad shipley



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