Lighting Your Fire – #2

Here’s the reality. We all have a FIRE within us. It longs to burn. It longs to be awaken.

It screams -> Light me up you dumb idiot.    

In yesterday’s POST we asked a simple question. Are you ECSTATIC to wake up every  single morning?

Ultimately, living a life where you are not, is just flat out crazy. You deserve it. I deserve it. WE ALL DESERVE IT –> we deserve for very single night to feel like Christmas to a

2 year old……


ok, maybe not that extreme. But, waking up each and every day is a beautiful gift and we should be doing it with smiles and joy, not resistance.

If you HATE the thought of starting each new day, then a morning routine that you can fall in love with may be just what you need. Start by reading this.

Today it’s another very simple insight that has had a profound impact on my personal journey – >>>> The selection of INPUTS. 

Consider the expression “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. This is commonly used in computer processing to describe a poor or incorrect outcome resulting from feeding the system poor or incorrect data.

Now consider the thoughts that must have inspired this beautiful creation.

The reality is. This blog post in and of itself is one of the 10 million things that is seeking your attention in any given day. Society BOMBARDS us with more information and content to consider than we could ever possibly care for.

Yet we try. We peruse the scrolling feed relentlessly all day long.

We tune in to our favorite shows and spend more time browsing Netflix than we spend actually watching the shows.

Quite car rides drive us bonkers so we tune into whatever palatable station we can tolerate.

And then……..there is the UNSPEAKABLY AWFUL news outlets. Let’s just not even get started on those.

By now, you are probably saying – So what?

Well here’s the deal. Our brains are absolutely MIRACULOUS ENGINES that are capable of doing inconceivably amazing things. There are only two problems.

1 – they get overloaded. 2 – they need the right input.

Getting overloaded is not necessarily a bad thing. Like muscles, our brains need stress tested. Critical thought, then rest. Critical thought, then rest.

This is how we expand. But, when we replace critical thought with useless nonsense, we just ware ourselves down.

No expansion. Just poor, low quality, or incorrect output.

We become highly influenced by the inputs that we select. Spend every day listening to someone tell you why penguins are the worst creatures on earth and at some point, you’re going to be  a penguin hater. Even worse, you’re going to waste a lot of time thinking about something really stupid.

So here’s the fix. Pay attention to the content you’re absorbing. Try tuning into a podcast that is insightful or intriguing to you. Spend some time with amazing authors. Find mentors who publish great content through videos, blogs, etc. Search for the inputs that give you happiness and fulfillment while helping you to grow and expand.

You don’t need to throw out the TV. Just pay attention to how much it overloads your life. And how much of a role the content plays in influencing you.

This week is dedicated to giving you the 5 simple actions/ideas that have had the most profound impact on my life. If you enjoyed or this resonated, make sure to

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-chad shipley

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