Insights from Afar

I wrestled with an idea on the beach yesterday. I was engulfed in a sense of happiness that I haven’t felt in a long time.

That special song on the radio. My woman by my side. My feet in the beautiful white sand. And the laughter of my daughter echoing in the breeze.

My monkey mind immediately went to battle with itself. I began wrestling with the idea of going back to normal. Normal, what the hell is that anyway?

I asked myself this.

How can I make more of this?

If I work hard enough, can I create more of these experiences. Can I include more of my friends and families?

And then it struck me. A ray of sun striking through the cloud and hitting me in the face.

A warm sensation that brought with it a strong notion.


I’m asking all of the wrong questions.

Asking how I can get one or two more experiences like this a year is like asking a coach if I can play in at least one game a year.

You don’t ask questions like that. If you want to play, then you get your ass up and you take control.

And in life, there is no coach. It’s an eat what you kill world. If you want it. Kill it. And then bask in it’s beautiful bloody glory.

The question is not, how do I afford more time off, the question is, how do I move mountains?

How do I create value like I’ve never dreamed of before. I’ve been having all of the wrong conversations with all of the wrong people.

I need a community of go getters. People that look beyond a notion of mediocracy and figure out how to have anything they want in life. Beautiful and deep relationships. The pleasure of working on whatever I want, whenever I want. The sun on my face. Laughter in the breeze. My family by my side.

The answer is to build big things. Own my own future. Create my own possibilities and leave them limited to NOTHING.

It’s a profound reality.

The Power we possess.

Most of it an untapped supply of limitless fuel.

Your decisions, your habits, your relationships, your vitality, your Now, your Future.

Your choices.

Those who tell you that you can’t, that you won’t, that you shouldn’t…….are anchors from hell.

They are the ones that probably hope that you won’t.

I no longer am hoping that something great will work out in my future. I realize I have the power to make that happen.

The pleasure of living comes with building your life, giving back to others, and enjoying everything that this beautiful world has to give.

with love.

-Chad Shipley








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