Actually, what is with this word?

Like, we all use it constantly. Yet, in almost every form of our use, it’s


  • “Actually, that’s a good idea”
  • “Actually, I like that”
  • “Actually, that sounds awesome”

Actually…….here is what people really hear:

  • “Actually, that’s a good idea” -> I’m surprised by your idea
  • “Actually, I like that” -> I really didn’t think that I would like it but I do
  • “Actually, that sounds awesome” -> I assumed you were going to say something really stupid

This crutch word is becoming so popular, most people don’t even get insulted by it anymore.

That is, unless you’re a man, and make the drastic mistake of saying

“Actually, you look really good in that” -> I’m surprised that you actually look good babe

Regardless, it’s “ACTUALLY” really funny when you catch someone using this word in a negative context when they don’t even realize it.

So next time you get an “Actually”, try not to laugh when you think about how mean of a statement it “Actually” was.

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