A Beautiful Reference

“Expand your references, and you’ll immediately expand your life.” – Tony Robbins

I had a phone call yesterday with a future renter of our beach condo. Him and his wife are snowbirds from Nova Scotia that come to Panama City Beach for an extended stay in the winter months (February – April).

During our conversation he made reference to how much him and his wife love coming to the beach and how their children made comment, on a recent visit, that they hope that they (the children) have this much fun when they are older.

“We’re showing them what they can look forward to” he said to me.

This comment immediately took me back to one of my first times visiting my aunt Helen and Uncle Joe at their lake home on Indian Lake, PA.

A single boat ride that changed my life.

I can’t remember things that I did over the past day, yet I remember insanely specific details of my experience out on their boat over 20 years ago.

I remember the fresh air. I remember the wind blowing in my face. I remember my head being on a swivel, taking in beauty like I have never seen before.

And more than anything, I remember wanting that life more than anything I have ever wanted.

I fell in love with something that I never knew existed until that day.

Yesterday, after that phone call, I had a similar experience. My family and I took a boat trip through St. Andrews Bay over to Shell Island. Upon arrival, we realized that we were the only ones there.

Looking out into that beautiful Ocean created another experience that will stay with me for years. It gave me a perspective of life and how wonderful it can be.

It reminded me that God is unbelievably amazing. And it reminded me that happiness comes in the people that I’m surrounded by. It made me question the time that I spend not doing the things that I love so much.

And more than anything else, it gave me a reference to build upon. Expansion comes from knowing (what you want & what is out there), wanting (building an appreciation so deep that it begins to drive your focus and your actions), and acting (taking steps in the right direction to make a vision come to reality).

A year and a half ago I had an idea of getting a property at the beach. 1 year later we were owners and in the process of renovation. 5 months later, we’re enjoying 10 days like I’ve never enjoyed 10 days before.

It started from a boat ride 20+ years ago along with a number of other highly influential experiences provided by mother, father and other close family members (Aunt Rene and Uncle Jim’s cottage at the river).

Remarkable milestones that led me to know what is out there.

This specific blog is so important to me because of how much it pains me to think of those that are not fortunate enough to have wonderful references to build upon or of those who do, but take them for granted.

My hope is this. You’ll search for something better. Better experiences, better relationships, better hobbies, better activities, better health, furthering your education, expanding your horizons, and building better references. A great starting place can be found in literature. A world of opportunity at your finger tips with amazing mentors and teachers.

The destination is unknown, yet the journey is beautiful.

with love.

Please share if you feel like others could benefit.

The Tony Robins quote is from his amazing book “Awaken the Giant Within“. I read this just a couple of years ago and it had an amazingly profound impact on my life. You can check it out via this link.

Assuming my Amazon count is now finally configured correctly, I will get a small kickback if you buy it. That helps support this labor of love.




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