My BS Filter

Everywhere you look today there is someone voicing a major opinion on a major issue in a massively annoying way. Hell, this blog may be one of them.

Free Speech?

Ya, reserved for those intelligent enough to explore issues, unravel opposing thoughts, and articulate something from deep inside…..Something genuine and real.

I get it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.


If you are ranting and raving on your social platforms, there are only two possible truths.

1: People think that you are well informed, know what you are talking about, and appreciate your view point.


2: People think that you sound like an asshole. Becuase, you’re an asshole.

Luckily for those people sitting in #2, I’ve invented a quick way for people to test which one they are.

I call it my BS Filter.

It’s easy. Here goes:

Question 1: Do you voice a lot of opinions on social media. If yes, proceed to Question 2. If No, please stop here.

Question 2: Name 3 people outside of politics that are changing the world for good in a massive way.

If you can name 3, good for you. You may still be an a-hole, but at least you pay some attention to the world beyond the walls of popular media outlets.

However, if you cannot……


You are a certified Asshole.

Here’s why. You spend all of your time talking. You clearly have no interest in people who are actually doing things to change the world.

In all honesty. I was a ranter and raver for a long time. I finally switched my INPUTS and found meaningful people who are making massive contributions to this world for the good. I realized that there is power in action and that useless ranting was just BAGGAGE weighing me down.

This post is not intended to insult. I actually hope it provides some encouragement to people (like me) to explore inputs outside of popular media outlets that feed you garbage.

with love.



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