Lighting Your Fire – #4

Boom. I’m back baby. Had the vacation of my life and ready to “hit the ground running” – Now, there’s some corporate BS slang for ya’ll.

If you ever hear someone say, “let’s get you ready to hit the ground running” – you should


Ok, where were we?

Ah yes, the 5 massively transformational habits that have profoundly shaped my life for the better.

Who am I? Who cares. These will help you I can guarantee you that. If you really want to know the outcome of these 5, follow now for #5 sent straight to your inbox.

Lighting Your Fire #1: Create a morning ritual that makes you jump out of bed. You should wake up every morning with a smile and an ecstasy for life.

Lighting Your Fire #2: Change Your Inputs – Change Your Life. Similar to this topic is the power of BEAUTIFUL REFERENCES in your life.

Lighting Your Fire #3: The amazing power of Gratitude and hand written thank you notes. Itching to feel liberated? Urning to break the invisible chains of society that are seemingly strangling you to death? Send someone a hand written thank you note. And don’t hold back you (word that rhymes with Tussy) – Pour your heart out. Open up. Leave dried up tear marks on the paper. You will instantaneously feel…………Fekin wonderful.

Ok, so that brings us to #4. Something my long time followers (i.e. > 1 week) have heard me iterate before.


In 1952, there was a plane traveling across the Atlantic. When they seemingly were directly in the center of the shark infested waters, the pilot realized that they were too heavy and the plane was going down……

FEKIN A – someone yelled.

They quickly scrambled and tossed out all of the luggage.

It helped. But it didn’t help enough.

Within minutes, they devised a model for identifying the most valuable lives on the plane. Women and kids stay along with the 4 guys big enough to throw everyone else off.

It was mayhem but off they went.

A shark feast ensued.

That never happened. Or if it did, probably under different circumstances. But you giggled and got the point.

We have so much baggage weighing us down it is almost insane when we stop and think about it.

If you take a minute to think about this, you will realize that I don’t need to spend too much time emphasizing how powerful it is. So I won’t.

What I will emphasize is the counter intuitive aspect of this thinking. We all believe that we need to start doing “something” to find happiness and fulfillment. Well, that takes work.

Want a shortcut?


Quit the toxic relationship.

Quit socializing with “acquaintances” – how are you ever going to deepen relationships if you don’t?

Quit eating Mother KUKING (stole that from niece when she was 3) fast food and other TOXIC GARBAGE.

Quit hanging out with bums – You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most so choose them wisely.

Quit the sugar intake. Quit the tv. Quit the phone. Quit all the BS and FIND LIBERATION. 

You got this.


I write awesome stuff (humbly) – join now.

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