Navy Seals – Lighting A Fire

The harder you train in peace time, the less you bleed in war time.

I have a lot of mentors and look up to many great men and women.

In so many journey’s I find inspiration, wisdom, direction, and love.

But there are a very select few that get a pedestal above everyone else.

And they are, the Navy Seals.

I am fascinated with them for many reasons:

  1. They are insanely intelligent
  2. They endure what has become known as the toughest physical training known to man – yet, it’s actually the mental training that is even more difficult than the physical
  3. They are tactical, strategic, and extremely lethal
  4. They live and die by Standard Operating Procedures
  5. They are flat out BAD ASS MEN, in every way possible
  6. They execute with near flawless excellence – at performance levels that transcend normal human capabilities
  7. They tap into high performing flow states like Buddhist monks
  8. They hunt down bad people and arrange appointments with the devil
  9. They are machines that cost anywhere from $500k to $2M dollars worth of high vale training
  10. They expect 0 recognition

All military men and women are my hero’s. You provide a life for me and for so many that we couldn’t have otherwise. And I love you for that.

But call me silly, I just really idolize the Seals. I wish I could put posters of them on my walls. They come alive in the books that I can read, but they are still faceless and unknown hero’s in so many ways.

There is a saying that they like.

The harder you train in peace time, the less you bleed in war time.

This fires me up for life.

For every single obstacle coming down the pike.

It’s time to sweat.

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