Career Advice for a Young Professional

“Focus on your writing skills. It’s the one thing I’ve found that really helps people stand out. More and more communication is written today. Get great at presenting yourself with words, and words alone, and you’ll be far ahead of most.

Also, most of the stuff you’ll worry about doesn’t matter anyway. You’ll sweat so many details that no one will care about. It’s not that details don’t matter – they do – but only the right details matter. Pay close attention to what you’re spending your time on.

Time and attention are very different things. They’re your most precious resources moving forward. Just like you walk through the air and you swim through the water, you work through your attention. It’s the medium of the work. While people often say there’s not enough time, remember that you’ll always have less attention than time. Full attention is where you do your best work, and everyone’s going to be looking to rip it from you. Protect and preserve it.”

Jason Fried (co-founder of Basecamp)

The above excerpt was taken directly from the book Tribe of Mentors, written by Tim Ferriss (My all time biggest mentor that I have never met – I have a different person for people that I have actually met).

This is one of my all time favorite publications. Tim sent a standard set of interview questions (ex. What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”? – answer above from Jason Fried), and received responses from over 130 top performers in their specific areas.

The insights gained from their answers are literally priceless. I recently gifted this book to a rock star college student with a burning desire to create his own company. This will continue to be my go to book for gifting.

*Please note. I will not make anything off of purchases from the above link to Tribe of Mentors. Due to Amazon rules, I am not allowed to send out my associated link through email, which is largely how this blog is distributed. Thus, if you want to purchase the book and support this blog, please go to my Recommended Products page and use the link found there.

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