A letter to a Movie Star

I wrote this letter to a rising star in the film industry. No matter what success or failure comes his way, there was something that I really needed him to know.


Your trailer is amazing. I’ve watched it at least 5 times and have brought it up in conversation probably another 10. Every time I watch it I get a rush of emotions…excitement, inspiration, motivation, jealousy, and probably more than anything else, a feeling that’s really hard to figure out. I’ll just call it “questioning.”

It’s this feeling that compelled me to write you. I have always dreamed of being in the business world. I took a briefcase with me to the third grade. And, I absolutely love what I do now. However, I have always “also” had a burning desire to work in the film industry. It’s a creative side that I now explore through other outlets.

As much as I love what I do, I still have this question that comes up every now and again. Actually, it comes at very specific times. Let me explain quickly. I listen to movie scores while I work and while some fuel me to crush what I’m working on (ex. Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack) there are other songs that take me somewhere special (ex. Legends of the Fall Soundtrack).

Every single time I hear certain songs (“The Ludlows”), I stop and dream about the power of telling a profound story in a cinematic way. It’s a lifelong dream and unfortunately, one that I’ll probably always “question”. While I don’t think I live a life of normalcy or mediocracy, I do think that I have some un chased dreams.

Which brings me to why I felt compelled to write you. No matter what success or failure comes your way in life, I don’t think that you will ever have this type of unanswered question. Which is the most important question in life.

“Am I spending my short time here doing the things that I absolutely love to do?”

You will always know the answer to that question. And that is pretty freaking awesome. I hope that this letter is encouragement now to keep living the artist dream, but more importantly, something that you can always come back to if you ever question your path.

Just know that 99% of the world has the wrong answer to a question that you can answer correctly.

– lots of love brother.

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