Cindy Whitehead – Amazing

5 Things I love about Cindy Whitehead:

  1. She’s a pink wearing, pharmaceutical mastermind – Leading and selling two companies – notably Sprout, the producer of the “female viagra” drug Addyi, for over a BILLION DOLLARS.    
  2. She fights hard for what she believes in – Disputing the FDA’s ruling to deny Addyi, Cindy rallied her team to build the case for why this drug was so important in the market. They had worked so hard, Cindy actually held a celebratory party prior to knowing the final ruling. Why? To celebrate the fact that the entire team laid it all on the line. They had won for their effort, regardless of the ruling.
  3. She provides platforms – Cindy launched The Pink Ceiling to fund women led startups.
  4. She stops at nothing – After selling Sprout, she was forced to bring a lawsuit against the purchasing company (Valeant), due to not living up to the original terms of the agreement. In exchange for dropping the lawsuit, Valeant ended up giving her the drug back, along with a $25 million loan to help take it to market. Now, as CEO, she is working to get this drug distributed to women all over the world who need it, at an affordable price.
  5. She prides herself for being a rule breaker. That is, rules that are imposed for senseless reasons and/or make no sense at all. Conservative attire being one of them, as she wears pink loud and proud religiously – see link to Ted Talk below.

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Noteable Links:

  1. Podcast with Tim Ferriss – Same interview but Video version
  2. Ted Talk – DNA of a Rule Breaker

This blog is my simple mechanism for self improvement. They are short journal entries on takeaway’s that I found insightful or profound to reflect back back on later in life. Sharing to the world in the blog form.

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