The Chad Shipley Show

The Chad Shipley Show is up and running. I’ve done 4 short podcast episodes thus far and am having a blast doing it. They range from 7-15 minutes and are focused on critical insights that I have pulled from amazing content / thought leaders, or developed myself.

If you do not have iOS, you can search “The Chad Shipley” show in any podcast app and it should appear.

The last episode “Restraint is Power” was so much fun it’s hard to describe. I am a super goofy person by nature and let my wild side loose a little during this recording.

Synthesizing insights from great content is something that I love to do, and this blog and podcast are amazing mechanisms for me to do that and to share it with the world.

If you enjoy, please leave me a good rating. If you do not, please just send me an email and let me know ( I cannot afford to get bad ratings this early in the game. I really love doing these and am improving with every episode.

Thanks to any and all who listen and share!

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