Have you seen the Billionaire manual?

It’s everywhere and it’s free. It’s also insanely stupid.

Of course money is great, but we all need something far greater in power than money.

We need absolute optimization.

We need vitality. We need love. We need to feel needed.

We need to gain the right insights to unlock the chains that are wrapped around our potential.

Money is just one outcome.

If you have all the money in the world, but are too out of shape to shoot hoops with your kid or too busy to make love to your partner, you’re not going to be fulfilled.

And you’re losing in life.

We need great sex. We need great friendship. We need something to give to physically and financially.

We need hobbies and outlets for our interest. We need to continue challenging our minds, our assumptions, and our processes for living.

We need fulfillment and then money.

The latter without the former is just gas on a fire that will eventually burn down your life.

But fulfillment first, will light the fire you need and will help bring the outcomes…like money.

If you’re out of shape, or eating like crap, or uninspired, or bored at your job, or feeling lost….buying a “Free” billionaire booklet is not going to solve the problem.

Stop chasing the weight loss or the 6 pack. Those are outcomes.

The process will get you there – when you follow it and fall in love with it.

What does that mean?

Until you fall in love with eating healthy and exercising daily, you’ll never reach the outcome that you desire.

That’s everything. If you don’t love the work you have to put in, the outcome will always suffer.

And the work, the hard work, is the joy of life. The journey travelled is the joy of life.

That’s where fulfillment is found.

Find that, and money is just one thing that you can pick up along the way – if you still even care that much about it.

Build Your Foundation -> Establish Your Presence -> Execute with Excellence

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