The Gift of Death

My new podcast episode is up! It’s an exploration of truly living, dying, and the miracle of fulfillment in between.

Here are some highlights:

  • A deep dive into “Tuesday’s with Morrie” – A memoir that sold 14 million copies and changed lives around the world.
  • A side note on people who chase outcomes vs. falling in love with the process.

This episode generated some amazing actions took and then wrote to tell me about.

If you are looking for a reminder on the simple things in life that drive true fulfillment, this episode is for you.

It’s completely free. I build the material for my own development and then share with the world.

The show in general is targeted towards those who are working to optimize and elevate EVERY area of life that mean the most to them. Career, family, relationships, etc.

Not ONE area. EVERY area.

I personally desire this type of multi-level, 360 degree, absolute improvement.

I don’t want to be a billionaire on a yacht who is too out of shape to shoot hoops with my kids.

I want to be a better son, brother, friend, father, lover, etc.

Not better than you, him, or her. Better than me. Than what I was yesterday.

I want to figure out how to get better and better at work, my crafts, my hobbies, my relationships.

How to live a life of vitality.

If you work 80 hours a week and make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, but you’re too out of shape to chase your kids around or too busy to make beautiful love to your partner, then you’re losing out on true fulfillment. True Happiness.

The kind that can only come with true optimization in every area of life.

Step into the game and out of the dream.


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