Enough was enough

The “Dad Bod” had to go

I was sick of eating poison

Of being tired

Of being moody

Of being full of excuses

I was sick of having no flexibility

Poor range of motion

Restricted mobility

I was sick of dwelling on the good old days

The raging rapids and fear of natures savage & unrelenting power

The days where we chased a high on life

I had enough of living within the confines of mediocrity

Enough of being a quitter

Of saying “it’s too hard”

Of being a sheep living in fear

It was time to sweat

To sweat more than I stressed

It was time for rebirth

For vitality

It was time to find a warrior – somewhere within

Time to take control

To own my destiny

To set down a path

To build a road

It was 9 months ago and it was time for change

This blog series will capture the whole journey

From lethargic mediocre dad bod

To enough is ENOUGH

“The Insanity”

If you’re where I was, the first step is making the decision to change.

Deciding that Vitality is more important than your current levels of COMFORT

That life happens when we move, not wait.

You hold the key to your future



The Dad Bod (Road to Sparta Series #1)

3 thoughts on “The Dad Bod (Road to Sparta Series #1)

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