Performance over Perception (Road to Sparta Series #5)

…continued from “My Demise”

The mindset started to change

From other’s perception

to my own reality

From looking good

To feeling better

From looking strong

To being stronger

A notion that consumed me


Mental and Physical Performance

An elevation of life

To push boundaries

To escape comfort

And to live a life worth living

Weight loss

Muscle gain


It was becoming bigger than that

I needed to test my performance

and figure out my flaws

I needed a call to action

A journey

A path

A road that led to battle

A clear wish often becomes reality

And reality was right in front of me

The Spartan Home Page

An overview of obstacles

Of stories

Of battlegrounds

And then the date

3 months away

The open race that meant nothing would be fun

The elite race that puts it all on the line would be outright embarrassing

I’ve taken the easy route before

Too many times

And I’m after something different

Something that will make me feel better

About being me

Elite Mens Race it was

Time to kick it up…

… “Transformative Training”

Making the decision to change is step 1. Following in love with the Process is step 2. Battling setbacks is an inevitable step 3. Pushing new boundaries is Step 4. You can and will do THIS. 

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