Transformative Training (Road to Sparta Series #6)

…continued from “Performance over Perception”

I hated running

But I started to run

1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles

11.2 miles – on the beach, in the sand

No shirt, no shoes, no problem

And I wasn’t just running

I was racing

Racing an old me

An old time

Every time

1 mile in under 7:30

Then under 7

Then under 6:30

2 miles in 15:30

Then under 15

Then under 14

3 miles in 27

Then under 25

Then under 24

Insanity and Shaun T was over

T25 was fun, but behind me

It was time to design my own workouts

To become my own coach

My own inspiration

I dreamed about having my own gym

And helping people feel what I was feeling

Like I was on top of the world

And that I could do anything

I was focused on the race but dreaming about the next one

And the one after that

And the one 10 years from now

With my daughter at the finish line

Cheering me on

Yesterday she said

“I hope you win daddy”

I told her that I probably wouldn’t

Her response will live with me forever

“Work hard and don’t ever give up”

She’s four

And she’s right

I already won

Because I’m in the race

Off the couch

And finding a better me

I’m proud of myself

And I feel proud for what I have done

For what I have become

And for what I have shown myself I can do

For what I’ve taught my daughter

For what I’ve taught myself

It’s an amazing feeling

It was an amazing journey

And I know there’s more to come

My first spartan race is tomorrow

Mens Elite Sprint

No age bracket

No beginners run

No friends to joke with while they pull me up the wall

It’s me and my destiny

Next stop

Spartan Warrior!




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