Learning How to Live

I am envious of this up and coming generation
Drinking no longer seems to be cool
Fitness and health are top priority
It’s life adventure over possession
Experiences over big houses and debt defining cars
It’s all about chasing freedom
And finding fulfillment
Sure, there are still A holes
And pampered babies
But the cool cats know what’s up
They don’t bully, they include
They don’t criticize, they encourage
They’d rather ride a bike to work than own a car
They’d rather save for living than live in debt
They refuse to be fooled by the food industry that has sickened us all
Smoking is absurd – it just is
Avocados and quinoa are here to stay
Ski a mountain
Surf a wave
Hike a trail
Fall in love with this beautiful creation from God
I spent my 20’s partying – The new generation will spend it living a life we all dream of
At least, that’s my hope.

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