Take Back Your Life

Today is the day
The Start of A Journey
Not his, Not Hers
This is your road, because it’s you who will build it
You’re here because you’re sick of the NORM
You’re sick of living within the confines of mediocrity
Beneath the weight of common beliefs
You’re sick of not feeling attractive
of not feeling good
of having little energy
of being stressed
of being full of emotions, that are weighing you down
You’re sick of caring about what other people think
You’re sick of all the baggage
And you’re ready to light it on fire
To take back what is yours
To start living for you
The stress will fall the more you sweat
The sad emotions will be replaced by euphoric like sensation
The confidence will erase the care for others perceptions
The haters will die, and the legends will flourish
Life happens at the end of your comfort zone
Get ready for discomfort
Get ready for pain
Embrace it
Love it
It’s you’re ticket to fulfillment
And it will cost you a change in mentality
From being a sheep to becoming a lion
Take what is yours

Live with Meraki.

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