Comments From People

I’ve had a couple of comments from people over the last few days that hit me somewhere deep. Before getting into that. I have to provide some context.

Context #1: I have a public Facebook Page called DaddyShip. How this amazing name came about?

  1. My name is Chad Shipley
  2. Chaddy Ship was my fun alter ego
  3. Being a Dad is something I value more than anything else

So Daddy Ship it was. My 4 year old daughter Ella and I make videos together. I came to the realization that I wanted to have real and true memories from my life for her and I to reflect back on, so videos have become a staple of our life together.

And, I’ve come to an astonishing realization. I don’t need to make long cinematic productions. In fact, I much more enjoy small snippets of something fun that we are doing together.

Context Number 2: Over the last year I became very focused on fitness and I recently set up a FB Challenge for people that were looking for a way to slowly get back into fitness. I used “My Road To Sparta” blog series to help motivate and have been blown away by  how many people took it on, and how much fun it has been. I even made videos of Ella and I doing workouts together and posting them to the group.

So back to the comments.

The First: A coworker and good friend, made a comment about my video with Ella. He thought it was amazing that Ella was only 4, yet so into fitness and working out. He told me she would know and love fitness her whole life because she was growing up with it.

The Second: From a girl on FB who is in my Fitness Challenge.

Today was a rough one, my emotions got the best of me. The husband got home from work, I laid my youngest down for bed and I got in the car. I started to turn into the parking lot of the liquor store, at this point balling my eyes out because I couldn’t handle how I was feeling and didn’t want to handle it. Then I remembered your words and I turned the car here I am at the gym. Where else would I go!? You’ve been an inspiration and I thank you for it!

The Third: From a FB friend after commenting on a picture of Ella, and me replying Thank you.

You’re welcome! All of the videos you two make together are the cutest!…you guys are making amazing memories for her to cherish one day…she is a lucky girl to have such amazing, loving, caring parents

These comments presented a clear problem.

And it all comes back to this site and the brand that I have been building.


I love the word Meraki because it means to put love, soul, and creativity into all that you do. It looks cool and it sounds awesome (May Rah Key). The number 5 ensures it’s uniqueness and represents 5 pillars to be founded on.

  1. Family
  2. Faith and Foundation
  3. Fitness and Health
  4. Finances of Life
  5. Fun

My content touches 1 of these 5 areas. I firmly believe that true happiness comes from elevating all the areas of life that mean the most to you.

Meraki5 is a mechanism to bridge the professional world. But that was a mistake. And these comments helped to highlight that.

I am my own brand and I am seemingly hiding behind a “Meraki5” image. Trying to keep my professional and personal life separate is not only stupid, it’s working against me.

I need to be genuine and authentic….I need to be myself and let you into my life. I don’t yet know how to solve this problem but I wanted you, as my reader, to at least have insight into me and who I really am.

I love being a dad first and foremost and will never offshore that to someone else because I am too busy with work.

I want my daughter to have many many many meaningful conversations with me so that I can teach her and guide her. I don’t want that being filled in by babysitters, teachers, coaches, etc.

I love my career and challenging myself. But I also love writing. And podcasting. And my friends. And fitness. And sometimes getting really really really drunk with my fellow tribesman (those that are the closest to me).

I am NOT someone who has it all figured out. I spend lots of time each day trying to learn. Trying to grow. Trying to expand. Trying to become better.

BUT you don’t know that. Because you don’t really know me.

And, I cannot set out to do what I want to do, with that being the case.

Which is, to help where I can. To share insights that have had a profound impact. To entertain and to add value. To you. For you and for me.

I don’t know how to solve it. But I do know this. If you have enjoyed the content thus far, it will only get better from here on out. Because I’m taking off the mask.

– DaddyShip





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