My Girlfriend is 30

I know!!! –  “Who cares?”

Well, something interesting happened.

Both embarrassing and liberating at the same time.

I wrote her a letter inside a card.

Outlining a couple of key points:

  • Our memories created
  • How much I love our family
  • Her amazingness


Card was done.

Points were noted.

One last thing and back to MY life.

Facebook. I have to say something on Facebook.

A quick subset of what was in the card.

I scrolled endlessly through iCloud for the perfect pics.

This one’s cool – a trip to #Nawlins


I love this one – “Family Hugs”


Nice, a halloween family photo

Halloween 2018

And I start writing.

It was suppose to be a small version of what I just spent so much time writing.

With maybe a “getting old joke” layered in.

But something crazy started to happen.

I went off script.

I abandoned the “getting old jokes”.

They didn’t feel right.


I felt the need to let her know something that had not even crossed my mind.

That she was still as BEAUTIFUL as the day that I met her.

Which was the day that I met the most beautiful girl in the WORLD.

And that though she’s now 30….I feel like I have a beautiful 20 year old on my arm everywhere we go.

And as I’m writing it

I feel thankful that this is what I’m saying.

That this came to me.

But then I felt sad.

What if I wouldn’t have said it?

How long has it been since I’ve said it?

I wonder how many people never say it?

I wonder how many never hear it?

I wonder how many need to?

I love small things that make life worth living.

Telling someone tonight that you love them.


That they are beautiful.


That you need them.


That you are thankful for them.

It can make all the difference in the world.


Chad Shipley

***Actual Facebook Comment:

Happy Birthday 🎊🎈 🎂 Caitie Reppert!!!! You are more beautiful than the day I met you, which was the day I met the most beautiful girl in the world!!! You might be a a year older today but I still feel like I have a hot young 20 year old on my arm everywhere we go 🙂!!! I love our family and the memories that we have created more than anything in the world. Together, we’ve toured the east and west coast. From San Diego to the second home we built together in Panama City Beach. We’ve created memories together that I will cherish forever. In the infamous words of our beautiful Ella “I love our family” and “We are so lucky to have each other” and “Family hugs”!!! You are an amazing mother, partner, and friend 👨‍👩‍👧and I look forward to so many more amazing memories together….starting this Saturday 💏

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