That time with Jesus…

Jesus and I sat on a bench like this…one time.

Long time ago.

I thanked him.

Out loud.

Followed by a few moments of silence.

Of reflection.

Memories. This Life. Love.

The concept.

The idea.

The feeling.

I remembered being a kid.

Laughing endlessly.

Loving unconditionally.

Living freely.

I told him how happy I was.

So happy I started to cry.

It was just the two of us there…me crying.

The wind blew and the leaves scattered.

He touched me and said:

“Think of the things that make you feel this way.

Remember them and cherish them.

And recreate them for others.

One day, you’re going to forget what they are.

And how they made you feel. And you’re going to look for something different.

Something better. And you’re going to forget the way.

When you do, remember the leaves.

They’ve fallen and they’ve scattered, and they’re seemingly lost.

But they’re beautiful and they’re free.

And that’s all they’re meant to be.

What you have is all you need.

Embrace the simple joys.

Recreate them for others.

The feeling of love.

The memories of happiness.

The joy of being.

And make the world just a little bit prettier.

Being the person you’re meant to be.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Then come home to me.”

That was a crazy day.

Just Jesus and I.

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