Be Unstoppable – The Amazing Alden Mills

There is one question that has been absolutely daunting me…

What would you want her to know – if you’re not here to tell her?

What would you want her to do and to see?

How would you want her to live?

What would you want her to learn – if you weren’t here to teach her?

When Alden Mills thought about this question as former Navy Seal Platoon Commander, he ended up developing a framework for how to succeed in life.

A “Just In Case Letter” to his 4 boys.

And IT IS something POWERFUL that we can all learn from.

In this latest podcast episode I take a featured look at:

  • His book “Be Unstoppable – The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything“.
  • His TedX Barcelona speech and a story from HELL WEEK I’ll never forget.
  • Thoughts on Dreams becoming Scary Monsters and how to Demystify them.
  • How I am thinking about my “Just In Case Letter”.

This book is a wonderful answer to the question “What should I do in life and how should I do it”?


It’s people like Alden that INSPIRE me to believe that I can literally DO ANYTHING THAT I PUT MY MIND TO!

It’s about 22 minutes and I hope that you enjoy. If you like the content, please make sure to subscribe so that you get nicely formatted content delivered real time straight to your inbox.

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Podcast Overview:

This episode is a featured look at the very impressive Alden Mills – A former Navy Seal platoon commander, co-founder of Perfect Fitness, Inc 500’s fastest-growing consumer-product company in 2009 (with the wildly popular Perfect Pushup), and the author of “Be Unstoppable – The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything” – written as the just in case letter to his 4 boys.


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