From Chairman to Child – 4 Hours I’ll Never Forget

I had a 4 hour experience yesterday like no other.

It started with a strategy and planning session with Chairman of the Board, CEO, Director of Development, and two amazingly talented/dedicated/connected resources.

We then had our Board of Trustees quarterly meeting.

I love having the opportunity to work and learn from such inspiring and motivating leaders who focus on execution…vs ideas.

The CEO and her team are remarkable. The Chairman, inspiring. The Director of Development, flawless.

Afterwards, I was treated with seats to the holiday show. I had an opportunity to sit next to a fellow board member who is now a great friend – someone I’m looking to have a drink with during the cad ranch 12/21 event. To my other side was the Director of Development. A woman that I have come to love. In front of me were a group of children that clenched my heart. The Children of The Bradley Center.

Their courage to stand up in front of everyone was inspiring. And the way they cheered for one another, clapping…laughing…loving…..It melted my heart.

I watched a 6 year old be comforted by his teachers and I couldn’t help but to think of my Ella. I couldn’t imagine her without me…without her mom. The Bradley Center does everything they can to make this the best place possible, which is why I love being involved, but it’s not a home and nothing can replace loving parents.

That 6 year old wakes up every day without a parent there to hold them. I remember my first day in college, 18 years old, and scared. Uncomfortable with having a room, instead of a home. Of having a roommate that I didn’t know, instead of my loving family.

A couple of years back I realized that I was a person fooled by my own perception. And perception is ultimately the reality. I thought that I was a good person and I had amazing intentions to help and to give back. The only problem was that I wasn’t, I didn’t and I hadn’t.

It doesn’t take much. But it means everything.

With love.


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