Tribe of Warriors

Take a quick plunge with me


The amazing book – “Tribe of Mentors”

& tap into insights from

two of the FITTEST People

in the entire world.

Also 2 of my favorite athletes of all time.

Even if you are not a “Crossfit Fan” – I am hoping you can find value in these flawless executioners.

If you like this podcast make sure to check out some of the OTHERS “Be Unstoppable” is a great one similar to this.

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I do everything I can to surface up entertaining content and thus wanted to include some extra content to check out.

The video below is a trailer for the documentary “Fittest on Earth – A Decade of Fitness” and it is AWESOME – I actually had it on repeat during an elliptical circuit.

Here are some great quotes from the film:

“You don’t know how good you have to be, just to suck at the Crossfit Games”

“Champions don’t have balance, and the reason that they are exceptional at what they do, is because they focus all of their time and energy on it.”

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