Change Your Decisions – Change Your Life

The man who helped me improve the quality of my life. 

At 11, a stranger showed up to give his family food. 

His dad ended up leaving. His mom became abusive. 

At 17, he decided to help others and fed 2 families. 

The next year 4, the one after 8. 

Today, he is the driving force behind 100 Million Meals being delivered to families in need each year. 

And he has helped over 4 Million people in person. 

Some of whom are the top thought leaders, performers, and executives in the world. Some suffering from PTSD. Many suicidal. 

His sole person in life is to help end suffering for as many people as possible. And he’s built a $6Billion dollar empire in the process. 

Please enjoy this podcast on the man that became famous for “The Fire Walk”.


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