New Year – New You – New Me

This is a tribute to all of you who are in the ring, in the FIRE, battling violently against self doubt, against worthless opposition, drama, and sideline loud mouths.

I hate bullies and I despise critics. I envy those who face the fire and put it all on the line, regardless of outcome. Success is in the process and putting in the work.

It’s in the pushups, not the 6 pack.

I’ve spent the last two weeks in self doubt, worrying about the views and vantage points of those that don’t matter.

Then I remembered MY JOURNEY.

1 year ago I decided to start down a physical journey.


Deep down inside, we all want vitality.

And we all want to blaze our own paths….to build our own roads.

To control our own DESTINY.

I decided to destroy the DAD BOD and to do whatever it took to shred self doubt.

And a miraculous thing happened. I started to care a lot about the things that matter, and not at all about the things that don’t.

I’ve always wanted to be a friend to all. To be liked by everyone. To be talked about in a good light by any and all that have ever met me. The wrong standards. The wrong audience.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot to be me. A better me, for me. To do the things that make myself proud. To be my one and only critic.

When I’m on the floor, COVERED IN SWEAT, and fighting for the next breath, I’m doing exactly what needs to be done. I’m worried about 1 thing and 1 thing only.

Being the best me that I can possibly be and working hard to get better. 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week at a time.

When we do that, we tap into pride and boost self confidence.

And we get true validation of who we are. Of what we are.

If you’re worried, or scared, or nervous, or full of fear…..buckle down and go at it.

Sweat More – Stress Less.

And if you’re in a battle, any battle, keep grinding, keep pushing, and know that you need not pay any attention to the haters or the critics. Their viewpoints are deemed worthless in a world where all you need is you.

That 1 person to make proud.




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