What are you scared of?

The guy next to me started whacking his hand off the side of the TV.

When I glanced over, I saw an HGTV house fixing couple scrambled across the screen.

I don’t watch tv when I run. I stare into a blank black screen that shows a dark reflection.

I like that reflection. Sometimes I see pain. Sometimes I see pride.

It made me wonder if the picture I was seeing today was blurred.

My Thoughts, My Vision, My Desires?

I asked myself if I was clear.

Answering that would require further questioning.

Is there anything that you’re scared of….Yes.

Are you scared to work hard…..No.

Are you scared to train hard….No.

Are you scared of not getting what you need….No.

Of not getting what you desire…..No.

Of losing all of your financial stability….No.

Of changing your career….No.

Of taking control of your destiny….No.

Of owning what is yours….No.

Of abandoning comfort….No.

Then what are you scared of?

My power.

I was ready to quit 2 minutes into yesterday’s workout.

Somewhere in between that and when I finished about an hour and 10 minutes later I became a walking, talking, heavy breathing, bone aching, tear dripping, sweat pouring, MONSTER.

One thought on “What are you scared of?

  1. I cant say it enough the mind is a powerful thing. Some have it to be like a super hero mind and some struggle and let the weak side of the mind take over. We are so strong and don’t even know the full strength we have until we start finding it and using it. Its an amazing thing.

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