The Path of Most Resistance

Have you heard of Jesse Itzler or David Goggins?

These two humans have me doing things I never imagined and it’s hard to describe how much I have enjoyed reading their books over the last month.

Themes in this episode include: Mental Toughness – Embracing Discomfort – & Becoming Your Best

As usual, I tried to surface up and tie together content from both books to give you a unique listening experience.

Books Referenced:

  • Living with a Seal, 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet by Jesse Itzler
  • Can’t Hurt Me, Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins

Jesse Itzler has one heck of a life resume and David Goggins is just flat out the highest performing person you will ever hear of. Just some minor David accomplishments:

  • 4030 Pull ups in 17 hours
  • 205 Miles ran in 39 hours
  • 2nd Place in Ultraman which is a 6.2 mile swim, 261 mile bike ride, and 52.4 mile run (2 marathons)
  • 3 Navy Seal Hell Weeks in 1 Year
  • Lost over 100 pounds (~300 down to ~195) in 3 months after deciding enough was enough – it was time to train for the Navy Seals
  • Ran 100 miles straight without any cardio vascular training or proper nutrition prep

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WARNING: This podcast contains Adult Language being read from the books – Please be advised.

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