Discipline Equals Freedom

I was reading from Tribe of Mentors this morning, and I came across a theme that I am familiar with from a person I highly admire, but really needed to see today. Sharing hear for anyone else that may need to tighten up that routine.

“Discipline equals freedom. Everyone wants freedom. We want to be physically free and mentally free. We want to be financially free and we want more free time. But where does that freedom come from? How do we get it? The answer is the opposite of freedom. The answer is discipline. You want more free time? Follow a more disciplined time-management system. You want more financial freedom? Implement long-term financial discipline in your life. Do you want to be physically free to move how you want, and to be free from many health issues caused by poor lifestyle choices? Then you have to have the discipline to eat healthy food and consistently work out. We all want freedom. Discipline is the only way to get it.” – Jocko Willink

One thought on “Discipline Equals Freedom

  1. Completely Absolutely 💯 true! I have actually had people react very negative to me “enjoying” life as If i don’t work my butt off , little do they know I work extremely hard but have a very disciplined ,, organized schedule to incorporate all aspects of my life (Family, me, exercise , vacationing etc) I enjoy life so much more because I take the time to incorporate all this in my life on a regular basis and yes it can be done. I am my appointment in my busy schedule .

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