The Amazing Kyle Maynard on Not Quitting

“A few people said it was borderline child abuse that my parents had me continue wrestling after I lost my first 35 matches. Less than a decade later, [those same people], were saying I was unfairly advantaged. My sisters cried after reading comments about how it would take 20 seconds for me to become the first televised death in MMA. Spoiler alert – didn’t die. Some said I’d get my team killed on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua. I’m willing to bet most of those critics haven’t stood on top of those mountains like my friends and I have.”

– Kyle Maynard, answering the question of what would you put on a gigantic billboard in the book Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. His answer started and ended with the following…

[Beg] “The quote I’d put on that billboard belongs to my friend and former Navy Seal, Richard Machowicz: ‘Not Dead, Can’t Quit’…[End] It’s my mantra during the toughest moments. Richard lost a battle with cancer this year, but he experienced more in this life than most men could in ten, and he lived this quote until his last breath.”

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