Who is David Goggins?

“Very few people know how the bottom feels, but I do. It’s like quicksand. It grabs you, sucks you under, and won’t let go. When life is like that it’s easy to drift and continue to make the same comfortable choices that are killing you, over an over again.

But the truth is we all make habitual, self-limiting choices. It’s as natural as a sunset and as fundamental as gravity. It’s how our brains are wired, which is why motivation is crap.

Even the best pep talk or self-help hack is nothing but a temporary fix. It won’t rewire your brain. It won’t amplify your voice or uplift your life. Motivation changes exactly nobody. The bad hand that was my life was mine, and mine alone to fix.

So I sought out pain, fell in love with suffering, and eventually transformed myself from the weakest piece of shit on the planet into the hardest man God ever created, or so I tell myself.” – David Goggins

His no limit mindset and “seek suffering” philosophy is catching on like wildfire and his book “Can’t Hurt Me” took me to places I could never have imagined.

  • I ran 78 miles in 7 days
  • I ran a total of 31 miles in 1 day – half marathon at 5am
  • I burned +5300 calories in 1 day

And more than anything else, I realized I was mentally weak, and I sought pain and embraced discomfort. Best of all…

I made myself proud.

David Goggins book is the most powerful book that I have ever read.

A journey from hell to loser to becoming the toughest man on the planet, mentally and physically. His unconventional thought process is a philosophy for tackling the obstacles of life and becoming the best person that you can possibly be.

In this podcast episode I give an overview of David, how he’s impacted my life, and I read the intro to his book. An intro that no one can afford to not hear.

I hope that you enjoy.

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