A Tribue To The MEN (10 Sec Read)

To all of the fathers out there who say

“I Love You”

unbashedly, endlessly, and unequivocally

Who sacrifice and give everything

Who teach, guide, and inspire

Who equip, train, and encourage

Who support endlessly…tirelessly

Happy Fathers Day to YOU!

You are the men leading a generation and building the men and women who will become the nation

To the fathers who have already done that – thank you 🙏

To the fathers to be, give it everything you got

It’s the single most important job in the world (parenting)

And it’s a job where anyone can rise to the top and become the best of the best

We all have choices, the exceptional men will make their choice a life mission

And today is the day that we honor and celebrate 🎊 those MEN

I am honored to have so many of these MEN as my close friends.

I LOVE all of you!!!

2 thoughts on “A Tribue To The MEN (10 Sec Read)

  1. Excellent! Chad – you set a great example as well – I LOVE your posts about being a dad, and the fun things Ella is doing.


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