Andrew Wade – Part 1 – The Health and Wellness Prodigy

This interview with Andrew Wade BLEW me away.

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Andrew is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD).

His ability to simplify complex topics is truly remarkable and I greatly valued his insights on…

🥑 The Ketogenic diet – what it is and when it is good to use it

🥔 Carb loading, how to do it properly

💧Hydration and how much water we really need to be drinking, and how we should be drinking it

📊 His Projection and Reflection model for personal dieting

📱The Rate My Day mobile App that he developed

🍽 How to meal prep in a way to set you up for success

🤢 Hormonal imbalances and the need for case specific nutrition

🏃‍♂️Marathon running and how to prep

Beyond nutrition and wellness, Andrew is building an empire.

At the impressive age of 28, he has already

❇️ Grown his practice to four physical locations, one of which has a physical fitness center

❇️ Developed a mobile application called Rate My Day

❇️ Wrote a book entitled “Marathon Ready Runner’s Nutrition Guide: A Quick Reference Tool”

❇️ Developed, in partnership, an online learning platform for nutrition and exercise that can be found at – You can have full and lifetime access to both the fitness and health modules for $100.

Please find more on Andrew via his website:

I hope that you enjoy this fascinating conversation with the Amazing Andrew Wade

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