Using Toxic People To Get Ahead

I’m just going to admit it.

Toxic people have become the bedrock of any and all of my success.

They’re everywhere and their impact to a work environment is devastating.

These ego fueled, unfriendly, unlikable, miserable people are masters at one thing…

Sucking the life out of the positive, upbeat, results oriented team members.

And slowing everything down to a screeching halt.

The fact that there are toxic people in the work environment is just that…

A fact.

And it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Which is why I decided to flip the script,


Use these people to my advantage.

The worse they are and the more there are


Yes, corporate progress holistically will suffer,


We can’t fix that.

It’s out of our control.

What’s in our control is our ability to be the


And work under 1 simple premise…

The worse they are, the better we look.

If they’re miserable -> We’ll be happy

If they’re unlikable -> We’ll be the person who makes everyone bring their best

If they create gaps -> We’ll build bridges

If they project frustration and anger -> We’ll project understanding and empathy

If they create spin ->We’ll drive progress

In this podcast episode, I share personal examples of how I focused on


to quickly climb the corporate ladder.

And I provide the very effective tools that I


above and beyond by specific job, function, role, etc.

In summary, here are 8 quick tips for adding enormous amounts of


and leaving the miserable and the toxic waste in the dust.

Set the Tone – Show up positive, happy, and be like-able, say hi, smile, make people want to bring their best.

Contribute – Ask constructive questions and give constructive ideas.

Be Humble – Focus on the moving the ball forward…not your ego.

Be Open – Don’t be a know it all…listen to others and be open to ideas and feedback…be vulnerable.

Be Thirsty – Have a desire to learn and expand your skills and knowledge base.

Be a Bridge – Build strong relationships….you’ll move faster than you could ever imagine.

Empathize – Don’t project frustration, be sensitive to what is going on in other peoples worlds.

Show Gratitude – Be thankful for everyone’s time all the time, and say thank you ever chance you get…people enjoy giving time & wisdom & direction to others 10 fold when they know how much the person appreciates it.

If reading in email, click HERE to listen now.

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