Reputation That Gives You Power

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“During China’s War of the Three Kingdoms (A.D. 207 – 265), the great general Chuko Liang, leading the forces of the Shu Kingdom, dispatched his vast army to a distant camp while he rested in a small town with a handful of soldiers.

Suddenly sentinels hurried in with the alarming news that an enemy force of over 150,000 troops under Sima Yi was approaching. With only a hundred men to defend him, Chuko Liang’s situation was hopeless. The enemy would finally capture this renowned leader”

– Excerpt from Law 5, The 48 Laws of Power

In my latest podcast (15 mins), I dive into how this legendary leader used his reputation of the “Sleeping Dragon” time and time again to win at all costs.

I then provide personal experiences where my reputation as…

“someone who can work with anyone”

has come to yield me great power in my battles against the ego maniac Goliaths of the world.

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