That POOR guy…

One of the things I love more than anything about launching our own fitness studio is the focus on user experience.

Personally, I’ve been very nervous when going to new places to work out.


This is all I could think about as I pulled into a 100+ person Spartan workout last year.

Would I know how to do the exercises? Could I do the exercises?

These haunting questions were finally put to rest with one calming thought…

SWEAT! – > All I have to do is sweat.

If I sweat, then I did what I came to do.

And, at the risk of sounding like an arrogant (word that rhymes with toosh-tag), I was in decent shape.

Yet I still felt anxiety during the workouts and even embarrassed.

How do we make sure people absolutely LOVE everything about the experience we give them, from the time they show up, to the time they leave drenched in sweat?

This is the question that we are LAZER focused on.

I recently witnessed a very brave man giving it everything he had. This man was brave because he made a commitment to start working out. He was in poor shape and paid good money for personal training.

All to be embarrassed and jeopardized in unimaginable ways. Not only did the instructor have him doing insanely high risk exercises that were the exact opposite of what he needed, she had him doing it in front of a very crowded gym. I’d be surprised if that guy ever showed up again.

This breaks my heart. To know that a guy mustered all of the courage that he could find, only to have that kind of experience.

He wanted and was asking for help. And he found someone that was just punching a clock.

We are going to get people to fall in love with sweating and we are working to develop every tool possible to help them transform their lives and take control of their destiny.

From personal training to group fitness to nutritional coaching to leadership consulting to performance enhancement to mentoring and life coaching to community outreach and support.

Our vision is not a “gym”. It’s an ecosystem that gives people an experience that they fall in love with and the tools needed to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

On behalf of our team, I can say with complete honesty….WE ARE VERY EXCITED!

Thanks for taking interest in our journey 🙂

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